Paleo yummy squash recipe

Meghan requested this one. It’s easy to make and great to bring to potlucks. Family fav.

Gratin of Zucchini & Summer Squash


  • 4 tablespoons olive oil (divided)
  • 2 medium sweet onions, thinly sliced
  • 4 tablespoons fresh thyme leaves (divided)
  • 6 Roma tomatoes, sliced ¼ inch thick
  • 2-3 small zucchini, sliced ¼ inch thick
  • 2-3 small yellow squash, sliced ¼ inch thick
  • 1 teaspoon Kosher salt (divided)
  • ¼ cup almond meal (find the cheapest at Trader Joes)
  • Freshly ground black pepper to taste


In medium skillet, heat 2 tablespoons of the olive oil over medium heat.  Add onions; cook until limp and golden brown, about 20 minutes.  Spread onions in greased 2-quart casserole or gratin dish.  Sprinkle 1 tablespoon of the thyme over the onions in the gratin.

Place sliced tomatoes on plate to drain.  In medium bowl, toss zucchini and yellow squash slices with 1 tablespoon olive oil, 2 tablespoons of the thyme and ½ tablespoon salt.  Drain juice from tomatoes.

Starting at one end of the baking dish, lay row of slightly overlapping tomatoes, then squash and then zucchini.  Sprinkle with cheese and repeat until casserole dish is full.  Sprinkle almond meal over casserole.  Season with pepper and remaining ½ teaspoon salt.  Drizzle 1 tablespoon olive oil over all.

Bake 375 degrees in oven for 50 to 60 minutes, or until browned and juices have bubbled around edges.  Cool 15 minutes before serving.  Makes 6-8 servings.


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