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Paleo Food and Where to Find it

As we are gearing up for paleo challenge, check out these links for a list of approved paleo food and what deals you can find at costco and trader joes!

Costco finds:

Katie’s faves at Costco:

In chilly room and produce section:

big bag of chopped broccoli, big bag of spinach, bags of red peppers, mushrooms, avocados, brussel sprouts, organic strawberries, apples, cantalope (bag with 3)

meat section:

Jacks Special Garden Salsa: medium, ready to eat rotisserie chicken

freezer section

Coleman natural bacon in freezer section, Kirkland Cooked and Tail Off shrimp

fridge section:

kirkland real eggs egg whites, kirkland organic eggs: pack of 24

Nuts section:

pistacios, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, basil, oregano, almonds, pecans, kirkland marinara sauce (3 bottles per pack)

Trader Joe finds: *one correction for this post….our TJs does have full fat coconut milk (not just the lite, mentioned in the post)….so yummy

Katie’s fave TJ finds:

TJs brand coconut milk or coconut creme (yummy), almond meal (same as almond flour and way cheaper), TJs sparkling spring water in rasberry or orange, and my fave…..PLANTAIN CHIPS….as many of you know.