Summer 2013 Schedule

Legs Gym Summer Schedule 2013

Effective May 31 – August 20

Monday: 6:30a, 9:15a, 6p

Wednesday: 6:30a, 9:15a

Thursday: 6p

Friday: 9:15am

Saturdays: 7:45am and 9am

**week of July 28: regular 3 classes on Monday and class on Tuesday @ 9:15am

Legs Gym on vacation: June 29- July 13 and on July 31- August 4

One thought on “Summer 2013 Schedule

  1. Deb Krause

    Hi Katie Legs! I want to come to class tomorrow (SAT, 4/27 at 9 AM), but I am too stupid to figure out how to register on your blog. I’ll be there and pay cash and maybe get a tutorial from you tomorrow!


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