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Summer 2013 Schedule

Legs Gym Summer Schedule 2013

Effective May 31 – August 20

Monday: 6:30a, 9:15a, 6p

Wednesday: 6:30a, 9:15a

Thursday: 6p

Friday: 9:15am

Saturdays: 7:45am and 9am

**week of July 28: regular 3 classes on Monday and class on Tuesday @ 9:15am

Legs Gym on vacation: June 29- July 13 and on July 31- August 4

Kid Friendly Paleo Dinner

Hey all,
Had to share this yummy dinner we tried last night. Sandy asked to have the leftovers for breakfast and Coco wanted more for bedtime snack, so I figured it was worthy of sharing. The kids inhaled these. So filling and yummy and easy. The is worth a peek too. Enjoy!

Legs Gym Pricing News

My key Legs Gym Adviser, Sandy LeGrand and I were talking about how to encourage you lovely Legs Gym folks to try it out 3 times/ week and see how crazy strong you get. So, we came up with a little incentive. Starting this week, April 15, Legs Gym pricing will work like this. Each week your first class will be $10, 2nd class $8, and 3rd class $6. Military folks will be $6 a class. If we still only see you once a week, I’ll have to consult Sandy to determine your fate. Heeheee.

Healthy Kids article

Saw this and wanted to share. I really believe the more we educate our kids about healthy food choices, the better they will be at making good choices for their nutrition.